When I wanted to stop sex in the middle of it!

Yeah…not sure I want to do that! It sounds embarassing, uncomfortable, like something to never be talked about again. Why does it sound so hard to put sex on pause? It’s already so easy to do so with our movies, television series, and especially with way too intense true crime documentaries, right? Like in every situation, there is not only

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Do you want to throw the grenade or step on the land mine

Dealing with conflict by speaking of the taboos Sex life is often a source of tension because it is a crucial part of a relationship. Not all individuals are comfortable talking about their discomforts related to this subject, so we need to demystify a bit of the taboo around sexuality. Talking to your partner about your lack of sexual satisfaction

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Has sexual desire been killed by the pandemic?

March 2020, Quebec officially goes on alert. The start of a global pandemic that plunges us into a colorful period of uncertainty and pushes us to adapt to a new lifestyle of confinement. The perfect scenario for spending time as a couple. Many thought that there would be a « baby boom » 9 months later or just a burst of sex

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Sex: Can you handle being eaten out?

Being eaten out is harder for most than eating in…sexually I mean! You’ve probably received oral sex in your life and most likely have given it. You might be surprised that most prefer to give it than to receive it. Surprised? Let me explain! Roles when having sex We tend to give roles during sex to each partner such

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Equity vs. Equality in polyamorous relationships

Justice in polyamoury, but in what context? Society is becoming more open about the idea of polyamorous relationships, even though there is still quite a lot of polyamorophobia (a word I just invented). Therefore, I am getting more people in my office seeking help to negotiate their relationship contract. Every couple has some form of understanding about what they consider

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I want to be wanted!

The politics of sexual desire Everyone wants to be and feel desired by others, as well as loved. Specifically by their spouses, but sometimes other people. Most people don’t find themselves desirable unless someone or others agree with them about their level of desirability. It is even seen negatively to see oneself as desirable by our society. We perceive it as

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Share your fantasies with me my DARLING!

What gets you turned on during sex? If you consult a sex therapist psychotherapist, chances are you are going to get that question asked. It might seem intrusive, intimidating, uncomfortable to answer this to someone you have barely known for a couple of hours. A lot of the times, we aren’t quite sure what to answer or know what is

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Sex is Like Climbing a Mountain Top

Photo by Great Sex Requires Effort Nothing in life that is worth it comes easily. Sex might be natural, but it is not innate to humans…well not good sex anyways. We have to learn how to have sex by exploring ourselves and our partner to eventually become great lovers. When we have our first sexual encounters with a partner, it

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