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Different Types of Sexual Desire Part III

How to Achieve Self-Validated Sexual Desire*   There is a fundamental difference between self-validated intimacy and all the other types of desire we mentioned in previous articles. It is on the level of intimacy that we can perceive it; more specifically the perception of ourselves and our authenticity. Feelings of being desirable are based for many people on the perception that

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Different Types of Sexual Desire Part II

Complexity of Our Relationship and The Influence on Our Sexual Desire For a long time, humans have tried to understand the mysteries of sexuality and more specifically how to create sexual desire in men and in women. There have been many debates, experiences, research, theories and hypotheses that came forth from the subject. To this day, there is still no

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Women’s fierce sexuality

Gender roles are changing There is a misconception that women either don’t like sex or aren’t really interested in doing it. We portray women as liking sex because it has an emotional component to it and they can feel more connected to their partner. As much as gender roles are changing, women who actually demonstrate and say they like sex

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