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How to be more intimate and connected with emotional balance

Photo by Michael Prewett on Unsplash Finding Balance in Intimate Relationships: Exploring the Four Points of Equilibrium In the journey of building and maintaining a strong, fulfilling relationship, finding a delicate balance is key. There are ways to offer yourself valuable insights into achieving equilibrium within the intricate dynamics of an intimate partnership. These four points encompass various aspects

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Pornography and the impact on your sexual life in the couple

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash Is pornography really the cause of sexual difficulties in your relationship? Based on general research in the field of sexology and couple relationships, there are different perspectives on the impact of pornography on sexual desire. Some studies suggest that excessive or inappropriate use of pornography can lead to relationship problems and affect sexual desire in

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Sexual desire and seduction: a perfect marriage

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash Understanding Sexual Desire and Seduction Sexual desire and seduction are essential aspects of romantic and intimate life. Understanding these concepts can be complex, but renowned relationship expert and psychotherapist Esther Perel offers intriguing perspectives on these subjects. In this article, we will explore key ideas regarding sexual desire and seduction, and how they

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Romantic comedies will kill your sexual desire

 The Impact of Romantic Comedies on Our Perceptions of Sexuality Romantic comedies are beloved films enjoyed by audiences worldwide. They transport us to an idealized world where love triumphs over all obstacles. However, behind their entertaining and romantic appeal, these films also have an impact on our perception of sexuality. The Idealized Portrayal of Sexuality Romantic comedies often present an

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Alcohol, sex and drugs…good or a bad thing

Photo by Myriam Zilles on Unsplash Dive into the World of Chemsex: Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol Chemsex, an increasingly common term, refers to a sexual practice that combines the use of drugs and sexual activities. This emerging trend has sparked numerous debates and questions within society. The consumption of alcohol has also long been associated with sexual activities and intimate

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Sexual Discordance…Does That Happen to You?

My body betrays my head, or my head betrays my body. Maybe you’ve had a sexual experience where your sexual desires and pleasure weren’t in line with your body’s physiological reactions? If so, don’t worry, you’re not broken. This phenomenon that affects many individuals is called sexual discordance. It’s like grocery shopping for a recipe. In this case, the recipe

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My Partner Wants an Open Relationship. HELP?!

Even if polyamorous/open relationships are now increasingly recognized and accepted, monogamy is mostly never questioned and generally always goes without saying, even in casual relationships. It is also very rare, even unthinkable, to hear discussions about monogamy between two people. But it’s still funny to imagine :  “Honey, I have to tell you something… I am monogamous! Is it ok

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When I wanted to stop sex in the middle of it!

Yeah…not sure I want to do that! It sounds embarassing, uncomfortable, like something to never be talked about again. Why does it sound so hard to put sex on pause? It’s already so easy to do so with our movies, television series, and especially with way too intense true crime documentaries, right? Like in every situation, there is not only

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Different Types of Sexual Desire Part III

How to Achieve Self-Validated Sexual Desire*   There is a fundamental difference between self-validated intimacy and all the other types of desire we mentioned in previous articles. It is on the level of intimacy that we can perceive it; more specifically the perception of ourselves and our authenticity. Feelings of being desirable are based for many people on the perception that

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