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Romantic comedies will kill your sexual desire

 The Impact of Romantic Comedies on Our Perceptions of Sexuality Romantic comedies are beloved films enjoyed by audiences worldwide. They transport us to an idealized world where love triumphs over all obstacles. However, behind their entertaining and romantic appeal, these films also have an impact on our perception of sexuality. The Idealized Portrayal of Sexuality Romantic comedies often present an

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Writing your own porno! Are you up to the challenge?

Nowadays, pornography is almost everywhere. Despite the different polarized views that can be conveyed, porn leaves no one indifferent. Now socially acceptable, it can allow the discovery of fantasies and practices, encourage masturbation, and can be used to spice up sex routines. However, porn has also negative consequences. First, it is impossible to know for sure the legitimacy of what

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Stop Giving a Fuck About HOW You Look While « Fucking! »

Start Giving a Fuck About WHY you’re « Fucking! » This article is based on a recent book I read: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck! As a sexologist psychotherapist, I really saw how this philosophy and mentality can really be applied to people’s sex lives. Most people care WAYYYYYY too much about HOW they are having sex and

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Do you want to throw the grenade or step on the land mine

Dealing with conflict by speaking of the taboos Sex life is often a source of tension because it is a crucial part of a relationship. Not all individuals are comfortable talking about their discomforts related to this subject, so we need to demystify a bit of the taboo around sexuality. Talking to your partner about your lack of sexual satisfaction

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Different Types of Sexual Desire Part III

How to Achieve Self-Validated Sexual Desire*   There is a fundamental difference between self-validated intimacy and all the other types of desire we mentioned in previous articles. It is on the level of intimacy that we can perceive it; more specifically the perception of ourselves and our authenticity. Feelings of being desirable are based for many people on the perception that

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