Therapeutic process with a sex therapist

How does therapy work? The sessions are normally scheduled once every week, which allows gaining momentum in the therapy work you’ve begun. The length of the therapy cannot be determined by your sexual, emotional or relationship difficulty, since every individual has a different degree of motivation, complexity and their dynamic unique to themselves. Therapy sessions can either be done individually

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Change the paradigm of sex!

SEX, baseball & PIZZA A MUST WATCH! How can changing our perception of sexuality in a simple manner so that we have more satisfactory sex lives. This video explains how we’ve being going at it all wrong for many years. BASEBALL PERSPECTIVE OF SEX Competitive Loser-winner situation Externaly-control Ruled bound Goal directed PIZZA PERSPECTIVE OF SEX Inclusive Communicative

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Sexual Intimacy & Sexual Desire Part 3

How Intimacy Effects Our Sexual Desire*   When our relationship is based on other validated intimacy, we inevitably hit an obstacle in our sexual maturity. If we are only willing to self-disclose a part of ourselves to our partner we’re limiting the level of intimacy the couple can share. Limiting our sexual maturity Sexual desire in a long-term relationship

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Sexual Intimacy Part 2

Two Very Different Types of Intimacy*   Intimacy and couple’s dynamic Every couple is unique in the way they are intimate with each other. It is determined by each partner’s individual experience and need for intimacy with their lover and also the dynamic that develops during the relationship. As we get to know each other better, we either appreciate

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Sexual Intimacy

Redefine Your Couple’s Dynamic in Sexuality* Intimacy and its Multiple Definitions The concept has been defined in a multitude of different ways. Sometimes, it is used to describe two or more people having sexual activities together (e.g. «My husband and I were having an intimate moment last night»). It can also refer to someones nudity or private sexual activities

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Why it’s Hard to TRULY Commit to our Relationships

How our Inevitable Fear of Life prevents us from commitment Commitment & Intimacy Commitment in a relationship is not just hard for men, it is for everyone. When I say commitment, I’m not just talking about getting married, being in a monogamous relationship, buying a house, having a dog and kids together. It has to do with commitment to yourself

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Would you have sex with your friends

with «bang with your friends»?   What is it? Social networks are part of our everyday activities in today’s world. There are a number of ways we can meet new people, find a lover, go on dates or even find someone to have sex with. Another one of these came out lately and it is called ‘‘Bang with your friends».

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