Why it’s Hard to TRULY Commit to our Relationships

How our Inevitable Fear of Life prevents us from commitment Commitment & Intimacy Commitment in a relationship is not just hard for men, it is for everyone. When I say commitment, I’m not just talking about getting married, being in a monogamous relationship, buying a house, having a dog and kids together. It has to do with commitment to yourself

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Would you have sex with your friends

with « bang with your friends »?   What is it? Social networks are part of our everyday activities in today’s world. There are a number of ways we can meet new people, find a lover, go on dates or even find someone to have sex with. Another one of these came out lately and it is called ‘‘Bang with your friends ».

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Relationship patterns and seduction

How they intertwine together! We all have patterns in our romantic relationships, which have variable impacts on our lives. They often change due to our personal development so they can better serve our needs according to our beliefs, experiences and values related to our perception of love. In other words, they are modifiable in order to protect us and help

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A lack of sexual desire is good for your couple!

A Normal phase in Your Sexual Development Sexual desire is a feeling which pushes us towards the other so that we can answer our sexual needs. People’s sex drive is activated by various factors such as  feelings of love, pleasure, masculinity, femininity, physical features, personality, etc. There is a certain evolution that exists with sexual desire that is also influenced

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